Snap Schedule Employee Remote Access

Let your employees access their scheduling information on the go from any smart phone, tablet, or web browser by subscribing to the Snap Schedule Premium Employee Remote Access (ERA) add-on option. From any computer or mobile device with Internet access, your employees can access their schedules, request time off, bid on open shifts, punch in and out, view time cards, update their availability to work, and view the employee directory.

There is no complicated system to setup and all you need is Snap Schedule Premium employee scheduling software and an Internet connection. Your Snap Schedule Premium employee scheduling database can be stored on your internal network safely behind a firewall, in the cloud, or on your web hosting server. Using Snap Schedule Premium, you decide which mobile access features to enable and who will be allowed access.

Platform Independent, Full Feature Set

It doesn't matter what mobile device your employees use, they can all access the same great features of the Employee Remote Access service. Whether accessing schedule information from the native iPhone or Windows 8.1 app, or using a desktop or mobile Internet browser, your employees will be able to:

  • Instantly see work and leave schedules
  • Request time off any time, from anywhere
  • Bid on open shifts
  • Punch in/out
  • View time card information
  • Set and update availability
  • Access employee directory and contact information
  • Change password and contact information

Snap Schedule for iPhone / iPad

The Snap Schedule mobile app for iOS devices uses the same native user interface elements that you enjoy on your iPhones and iPads. Wherever they are, your employees can access the company’s Snap Schedule system 24/7 using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and do most things with a few swipes and taps.

Snap Schedule for Windows 8.1

The Snap Schedule mobile app for Windows 8.1 is built from the ground up to take advantage of all that Windows 8.1 has to offer. Designed for the Metro user interface, Snap Schedule will be instantly familar to your employees whether they are using a Surface RT, Surface Pro, or any tablet, desktop, or laptop running Windows 8.1.

Snap Schedule Web Access

Employees using desktops, laptops, and mobile devices can easily use a modern web browser to access their schedules. Like the Snap Schedule native iOS app and native Windows 8.1 app, all communications are SSL encrypted for secure transmission over the Internet. The same functions that exist in the native iOS and windows apps are available in the browser - with the same ease of use. Snap Schedule web app is touch-enabled and works with popular browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Dolphin running under Windows, Windows Surface, iOS, Android, Mac OS, and more.