Non-Profit and Volunteer Scheduling Software

In today’s economy the social need for non-profit, volunteer, and community organizations is at an all time high. In order to effectively manage the limited funds available, non-profit managers must maximize the time donated by volunteers -- and that means effective volunteer scheduling. Non-profit staff scheduling is complicated and presents many challenges. All non-profits and volunteer organizations have a variety of positions and locations to schedule. Most organizations allocate volunteers based on their availability. Snap Schedule scheduling software helps not-for-profit organizations simplify that complexity.

Key Benefits & Features for Non-Profit Organizations

  • Schedule volunteers based on their availability

  • Insert necessary breaks and tasks within shifts

  • Maximize funds through increased efficiency

  • Graph coverage in real-time for every minute of the day

  • Track overtime, on call, and vacation requests

  • Store data securely in the cloud or on premise*

  • Remotely access volunteer scheduling data*

  • Ensure social needs are met with comprehensive scheduling

* Features available in Snap Schedule 365 and Snap Schedule Premium only.

Snap Schedule Capabilities for Non-profit Organizations

Easily schedule an unlimited number of full-time and part-time volunteers

  • Drag & drop to easily assign shifts, mark time off, move or copy assignments.
  • View assignments and schedule your volunteer staff from three different views. Use whichever view is easiest and most effective for your scheduling tasks.
  • Create rolling work schedules – from days to years.
  • Software automatically generates work schedules using industry standard shift patterns or user-definable schedule plans.

Track all training, conflicts, and availability

  • Define as many time-away reasons as you like.
  • Simply drag & drop a reason onto the Schedule Planner to mark when a volunteer worker is unavailable.
  • The Schedule Outlook shows who is not available.
  • Reports provide details on planned vacation, training, and unavailability hours for any time period you select.

Adjust individual shift assignment start and end times

  • Volunteer workers assigned to a shift are anticipated to work the same period from the shift start time to shift end time.
  • When a late start is needed or an early departure is necessary, you can adjust individual workers’ shift assignment start and end times to reflect the actual hours worked. You can also adjust the hours that the workers will work an individual a shift.
  • Labor reports reflect any adjustments made to the individual shift start and end times.

Assign desks, work stations, breaks, and duties within each shift

  • The Task Schedule Planner provides a more granular level of control for assigning volunteer activities within a shift.
  • Visually assign duties of any length from 1 minute to several hours with a simple drag and drop. You may use a task to identify a scheduled break, a work station, or a specific duty.
  • Standard reports provide detailed and summary information on assigned breaks and desk assignments to ensure complete coverage.

Quickly and efficiently fill a shift or find a substitute

  • Quickly find and contact a substitute volunteer to fill a cancellation.
  • Tell Snap Schedule your criteria and it will show you a ranked list of available candidates to fill a shift. Ranking can be based on many criteria including job position, skills, availability, work hour limits, and seniority.

Work around your schedule constraints with ease

  • Define your operational constraints such as non-working days, shift start times, end times and applicable days of the week for each shift.
  • Define each volunteer’s availability schedule, desired work hours, daily work hour constraints, and weekly work hour constraints.
  • The Schedule Planner alerts you to availability conflicts, duplicate shift assignments, overlapped shift assignments, and conflicts with scheduled time away.
  • The Daily Assignment Validation report identifies all discrepancies and constraint violations.
Non-profit scheduling reports

Easily publish schedules to volunteer staff members and management

  • Print schedule views, lists, assignment calendars, and reports to communicate schedule information to management and your staff members.
  • Easily publish work schedules, calendars, and any report in PDF and a variety of other formats.
  • Automatically email work schedules (in text or iCalendar file format) to volunteers and/or their supervisors.

Our Clients

We are proud to serve some of the world's biggest brands

The dynamics of this software are phenomenal. It gives us visibility and overviews we never had. Schedule misunderstandings are nearly impossible, except when there’s human error. This new clarity helped us reduce overtime pay mistakes by 90 percent.

William Freeman, Detective Sergeant, Windsor Police Department

Today, with Snap Schedule Premium, after I create our schedule and work in the changes, each person will receive an individual shift schedule by email. Then I publish a report outlining the complete employee schedule on our department web site. I can’t imagine shift scheduling software working any other way.

Gilles Pinard, Client Support Analyst Team Lead, Canadian Blood Services

Now with Snap Schedule, it is extremely easy for me to quickly implement any requested changes and generate the new schedule. I can just click and drag in order to swap shifts. In no time at all I can have an up-to- date schedule ready. I no longer have to retype entire schedules, like I had done in the past using the old system, saving me a lot of time and tons of stress.

Chris Jones, CIO, SEMO Health Network

Snap Schedule employee scheduling software saved New South Wales taxpayers $250,000 in custom programming the second we saw how good this staff rostering program is, and stopped looking further. Snap Schedule is also saving us quite significant payroll costs, as we're using fewer members to get through our caseload.

Evan Pidgeon, Business Systems Administrator, Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal