Snap Schedule Library Scheduling Software

Covers Every Aspect of Modern Day Library Staff Scheduling

From scheduling to employee self-service, Snap Schedule 365 gives you and your staff 24/7 access to innovative features that save time, reduce labor costs, improve productivity and promote employee’s work life balance.

Swipe, tap, or click, Snap Schedule 365 modern UI lets schedulers and managers easily manage their staff anywhere, anytime, on any device. Its powerful features cover every aspect of library staff scheduling and management.

  • Easily schedule unlimited library employees and volunteers, shifts, service points, breaks, and duties. Track all training, vacation, sick leave, and other off-work requests.
  • Find the right employees to fill open shifts based on position, skill, availability, labor cost, work hour limits, seniority, and other criteria.
  • Detect all sorts of schedule conflicts like overlapping shifts, lacking required skills, minimum rest period, too many overtime hours, etc.
  • Use a comprehensive set of 49 reports to analyze scheduling data; prepare management records; and track employee activities, assignments, costs, and time-offs.
  • Allow staff to access co-workers’ and their schedules, request time off, bid on open shifts, trade and pick up shifts, punch in/out, update availability, and more.

Snap Schedule is very easy to use and a perfect match for the library scheduling needs. When I used Excel spreadsheets, I generally spent a couple of days to plan schedules for the entire term. Snap Schedule software really has helped me cut down the amount of time spent on scheduling.

Colleen Rowe
Head of Library Access Services
St. Mary's University College

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